What Is Dental And Maxillofacial Surgery?

When we need dental and maxillofacial surgery we must first inform ourselves about what these surgeries refer and why it is that our dentist said that we need it and it is always safe to arrive with accurate information with our dentist so that there is a greater and vast information about what we have been recommended that is best for our smile and care of our mouth, that is why this important issue.

From dental and maxillofacial surgery, we will begin by saying that both maxillofacial and dental surgery are recognized by dentistry where the diagnosis and surgical treatment of:

  • Anomalies
  • Trauma
  • Diseases
  • Mouth, tissue and jaw injuries
  • Malformations

And they are also known as the specialties that have to do with:

  • Prevention
  • The study
  • The diagnosis
  • The treatment
  • Rehabilitation

The specialist who has to do with all this treatment is the maxillofacial surgeon who is limited to reconstruction or aesthetics. Speaking of the achievements of dental and maxillofacial surgery in recent times is talking about the first face transplant performed by the entire team of specialists at the Hospital de Amiens. And is that although it is true that you can change the aesthetic aspect of our mouth but for this it is necessary to perform this type of surgery, since it is much more important interventions (to say it in some way) where it is more recurrent to use a much more specialized team for this type of intervention.

If you want it or you need dental and maxillofacial surgery, you should first check with your dentist to know the exact procedure to follow.